RokFeatureTable Module

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2 Users
1 GB Storage
No Customization
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$29 per month
10 Users
5GB Storage
Basic Customization
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50 Users
25GB Storage
Full Customization
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RokNewsPager Module

  • Triple Level Spltimenu
    Triple Level Splitmenu is a multiple tied menu solution. It differentiates between parent items, 1st level children and all child items thereafter. By...
  • Fusion Menu with MegaMenu
    Fusion is primarily a javascript enhanced CSS dropdown menu, that combines standard suckerfish type functionality with animations, transitions and other...
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Third Party Extensions - Compatibility Styling Support

Compatibility styling constitutes basic CSS alterations to better integrate the extensions with the template, rather than full theme integration. Example extensions: K2, Contact Form Enhanced, Tienda, JComments, NinjaBoard, Virtuemart and JomSocial.

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RocketTheme Extensions

image RokQuickCart A simple shopping cart.
image RokStories A versatile content rotator.
image RokAjaxSearch Ajax powered search module.
image RokFeatureTable Tabular data matrix module.
image RokTabs A mootools tabbed content module.
image RokNewsPager Content preview module.

image RokTwittie Twitter feed module.
image RokWeather Google weather module.
image RokStock Google stocks module.
image RokMicroNews News slider module.
image RokNewsFlash Content item ticker.
image RokNavMenu Advanced menu system.

image RokBox
Popup windows for images etc...
image RokCandy Macro syntax extension.
image RokPad An advanced code editor.
image RokModule Utility addon for Ajax modules.
image RokGZipper CSS/JS speed plugin.

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System Requirements

The following are required for Syndicate to operate fully:

  • Joomla 1.5.x (latest version)
  • Gantry v3.0.11 or higher
  • PHP 5.2 or higher
  • RokNavMenu Module